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Genesis Medical: Comprehensive. Personalized. Holistic Medical Care.

Featured Programs

Sexual Health
Getting answers about your Sexual Health issues is important. Sex drive issues deserve the same attention as anything else that goes wrong with your body. Ask me about how I can help you to:

  • Boost your sexual libido
  • Resolve issues related to both male and female sexual dysfunction
  • Assess if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you


Vitamin Therapy
Suffering from reduced immune function, fatigue, insomnia, or decreased sex drive? These symptoms may be the result of malnutrition. Come see me and get your nutritional health on track. I offer my patients in-depth Nutritional Evaluations as well as IV Vitamin Therapy, which offers far better absorption of vitamins than pills, tablets or liquids.


Conditions Treated
As an internist and general practitioner, I routinely treat patients for the conditions listed below. I will also serve as your centralized, primary point-of-care, helping you coordinate and navigate through information being received from various other speciality physicians.

Welcome to Genesis Medical

I’m building a unique medical practice focused on providing preventative, holistic medical care. While I utilize medication and it certainly has its place, my aim is to move away from creating unnecessary lifelong prescription and surgical dependencies. Instead, I will assess your individual health profile and work with you to find ways to prevent illness from manifesting. For patients currently dealing with serious health issues, I take a holistic medical approach, getting at the root cause of your illness by utilizing my tradition medical training, but also offering education on alternative approaches and treatment options.

As a patient of Genesis Medical, I will help you create our own health story. You do not have to relive your family’s experience. You’re not a prisoner to your genes and your life does not have to be dictated by disease. Your health narrative is yet to be written and your personal story can be one of vitality. As your primary care physician, I will help you determine your own path to health. 

Becoming a part of Genesis Medical is akin to joining an elite club. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us

  • Same Day Appointments & Acceptance of Most Insurance Policies
  • A Full Body Integrative Approach
  • Highly Personalized Medical Care
  • Continuity in Care - Work Exclusively with Me, Dr. Johnson
  • A Holistic Medical Approach
  • Trust, Dependability, and Accessibility
  • You Will Be “Heard” - I Will Listen to You & Personally Address Your Concerns
  • Centralized Coordination of All Your Health Needs
  • A Friendly, Responsive, Well-Trained Staff

In 2012, I received the Patients’ Choice Award and was voted one of the Top Ten Doctors of Internal Medicine on the Upper East Side. Here’s what my patients are saying:

Amazing Doctor. After seeing a gastrologist, nutritionist and internist for three years for my stomach, Dr. Johnson was able to diagnose and treat the problem in just a few visits. My stomach has never been better and she is so caring and courteous. I truly believe that she’s one of the best internist in the NYC metro area.”

A great doctor. Dr. Johnson is caring and personable as well as thorough. She listens to her patients, a most unusual characteristic in physicians nowadays.”

Incredibly personable and approachable. I've been in NYC for 15 years and have floated from doctor to doctor when I needed it, never staying true to one, until her. She really works with you to help you be as healthy as possible, not just looking at the one area, but the bigger picture and possible causes. She always takes the time to meet with me and talk to me even when its just picking up a refill on a prescription. I'll never go anywhere else!”

Our Approach to Holistic Medicine

  • Same Day Appointments & We Accept
    Most Insurances
  • Full Body Integrative Approach
  • Highly Personalized Medical Care
  • Continuity in Care -
    Work Exclusively with Me, Dr. Ruth
  • A Holistic Medical Approach
  • Trust. Dependability. Accessibility.
  • You Will Be Heard.
  • Centralized Coordination of Your Health.
  • Friendly, Responsive, Well-Trained Staff.

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